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Chevy Impala Window Tint Kits

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Precut Window Tint Kit

Manufacturer: Custom

Info: Different Shades Available

Interested in tinting your Chevrolet Impala's windows for a new appearance or even for more privacy? You should be! Chevy Impala window tints are practical, affordable, easy to install, and very stylish. Adding tint to your Chevy Impala's windows allows you to see everyone around you without them being able to see you. This does not only mean privacy while driving, but it is also helpful in protecting expensive items within your car from being seen by potential thieves. Even better, our Chevrolet Impala window tint kits will protect your vehicle's interior from harmful UV rays and sunlight. We offer many different shades and tint levels for you to choose from, and you can go as dark as you want, from as dark as 5 percent up to 50 percent! Five percent Chevrolet Impala tint is the darkest available and is similar to limo tint. Fifty percent will still darken your windows, but other people will be able to see into your car better.

The UV protection, however, does not change. You will still be protected from damaging UV rays even with any of our luxury Impala tint packages. Our products are only made with state of the art materials that will change the color of your windows quickly. Adding Chevy Impala window tint kits is an inexpensive and simple way to improve the look of your Chevrolet Impala. A Chevy Impala window tint kit is not just an easy custom upgrade for your Impala, but our kits also come precut and specifically designed for your individual car style, and you decide how dark you would like to go. Keep the UV rays from ruining your interior with our Chevy Impala tint kits, and keep your car cool in the hot summer heat with great looking tint. While our custom Chevy Impala tint kits come precut and ready for installation, it is recommended that you are experienced if you plan on installing the Chevy Impala tint yourself. Otherwise a tint specialist can help install one of our quality Impala window tint kits. Our custom window tints will not only boost the appearance of your Chevy Impala, but also your overall driving experience. Our tinting products will not crack, fade, or peel; so go ahead and order your Chevrolet Impala window tint kit from us today and be on the road with darker and more stylish windows in no time!